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To Deny Freedom is to Deny the Human Spirit.

“The best part of [the series] is how real the scenario could be, given our current state of affairs. And that, to me, is what sets this book and series above many other works of YA dystopian fiction.” –review by Susan Hughes

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Welcome to Tracy Lawson Books!

I write in two genres. Which is my favorite: young adult thrillers or nonfiction history?

The truth is, my answer would vary from day to day. I love digging into the past and unearthing long-forgotten details to bring a moment in history into context for a modern reader. I also love crafting a suspenseful novel and putting my characters into perilous situations with plenty of twists and turns.
There’s always more to any situation than meets the eye, and it’s the writer’s job to help the reader relate to the story and the characters. My books are all about regular people—real or imaginary—who do something extraordinary.
“Pride of the Valley not only demonstrates the author’s ability to vividly retell history, but also showcases her ability to thoroughly research her subject. The book is full of descriptions and rare images that compliment these true tales of Ohio pioneer families. A fantastic read!” –Reader Review


“Lawson is also the author of Counteract, a YA novel in many ways like The Hunger Games. Her novels and her nonfiction works are so very, very different. But it just shows what a talented writer she is.”
–Wishing Shelf Book Reviews

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SundayDecember 17, 2017

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Author Talk at Glendale Community LibrarySharon Road Glendale, OH

Learn how to research and present family journals, letters, and stories for a wider audience

SundayFebruary 11, 2018

Tracy and Bob: Power Couple on TourSamford University, Birmingham, AL

I'll be talking YA dystopian literature at Samford U. while Bob does his economics professor thing.

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Ohioana Book Festival

Come meet over 120 Ohio authors the Ohioana Book Festival, featuring panel discussions, teen space, and kids' area