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Lawson definitely did her research on hostages, interrogation, and re-education for this story and it shows. Those scenes might have been the most brutal and hard to read in the whole series, but they were necessary.

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Tommy and Careen have been vilified in the media for the Resistance’s failed attempt to take down the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense. Both teens struggle to survive the circumstances that thrust them into the national spotlight, and this time, they don’t have each other to lean on. They’re on opposite sides.

Even though both the OCSD and the Resistance believe Careen’s convincing defection, Tommy refuses to believe her loyalties have shifted. How can she be in favor of the OCSD’s latest plan to monitor all minors with the Cerberean Link, a device that will track their every move?

Ignite: Book Three of the Resistance Sereies
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