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The Red Thread

(Co-authored with Rebekah Pace. Coming October 2020 from Level 4 Press)

Peter and Mira, childhood sweethearts, lose track of each other while imprisoned at Theresienstadt Ghetto in occupied Czechoslovakia in 1944. At the war’s end, all teenaged Peter has left of Mira is a gold locket on a red silk cord that he’s kept carefully hidden.

Though he searches for years, he finds no trace of Mira, and no record of her death. Never married, and now a recluse in his nineties, Peter begins having vivid dreams in which he’s a young man back in his hometown, in a Germany untouched by war. In the dream, he and Mira reunite and fall in love.

Peter’s sense of reality and fantasy blur. Mira starts to feel plagued by a dark and overriding fear. Peter becomes convinced she is alive. Has the red thread that connects true lovers across time and space held fast all these years? Can he find her?

Inspired by the Chinese legend, “The Red Thread of Fate.”

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