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Meet Tracy Lawson

Inspired by the Pursuit of Liberty

I write in two genres. Which is my favorite: young adult thrillers or history?
The truth is, my answer would vary from day to day. I love digging into the past and unearthing long-forgotten details to bring a moment in history into context for a modern reader. I also love crafting a suspenseful novel and putting my characters into perilous situations with plenty of twists and turns.
My current project is set during the Revolutionary War. I’m so excited to combine my two favorite genres, and can’t wait to share with you the story of my 6-times great grandmother, Anna Asbury Stone, who cast off societal norms and risked her own safety to aid both her family and the Revolutionary cause in the winter of 1778.
There’s always more to any situation than meets the eye, and it’s the writer’s job to help the reader relate to the story and the characters. My books are all about regular people—real or imaginary—who do something extraordinary.